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The Epic Store: The Next Free Game Is Now Available -

The Epic Store: The Next Free Game Is Now Available –

Surprisingly, the time did not stop working today and arrived at 5pm without any major problems. Of course, this means that the latest free game in the big holiday sale is available for download from the Epic Games Store. The administrators of Epic Games offer a free full version to all users of the digital download platform every day for 15 full days. So, if you want to connect to your different titles, you must visit the Epic Games Store every day.

Free game on the Epic Games Store: My Little Pony with a difference

In today’s free game we have again Previous leaks confirmed. As predicted by now well-known contestant Billbil-kun, all Epic Games Store users can now do so Get Them’s Fighting Herds fighting game absolutely for free. All you have to do is link the title to your game library by 5 p.m. On December 20, after this time, the next free title will be waiting for you.

At first glance, their fighting flocks may seem a little strange. Instead of muscle-bound characters, you’ll play different cartoon animals like ponies, cows and llamas in this spunky one based on the My Little Pony animated series. However, the different mechanics that fighting game lovers enjoy so much are also present in Them’s Fighting Herds. Combo attacks, super attacks, various special attacks, appropriate network code and much more allow it to compete with the big players in the genre. So if you’ve enjoyed other fighting games, Them’s Fighting Herds definitely won’t disappoint you. Especially since you can currently get the title absolutely free.