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The end of the season in Valencia!  second free practice

The end of the season in Valencia! second free practice

1:54 pm

Moto3 FT2: Session stays slower

Philip Salak has now cut his session’s best time to 1:42.331 minutes, but no one will come close to the record from first free practice on this final stage. Just over two and a half seconds is still missing for this. Overall, none of the drivers have so far been able to improve on FT1.

1:48 pm

Moto3 FT2: First Crash

Adrian Fernandez exits in the 12th round in the warm-up lap. He’s a nasty big guy, but the Spaniard can escape, albeit limping. Almost the entire field is now in motion.

1:45 pm

Moto3 FT2: The Final Stage

The order of this session is slowly but surely filling up. Now ten drivers set the lap time. Philippe Salak, Alberto Sora and Joel Kelso take turns on top. There are still a good ten minutes left on the clock and the track is getting more and more crowded.

1:37 pm

Moto3 FT2: The pace accelerates

Now Izan Guevara took the lead for the first time in this session. So the track is ready for spots. However, there was still over half a second missing from top speed in the morning. However, a few other drivers are now also moving onto the track with spots.

1:34 pm

Moto3 FT2: Spots still aren’t faster

On the first flying lap on the spots, Izan Guevara was about four seconds off the lead. But the Spaniard is now getting better with every lap. However, it remains to be seen if the track will dry out enough to attack the times this morning.

1:30 pm.

Moto3 FT2: Test with dry tires

Izan Guevara was the first to experiment with stains. The new session record of 1:45,997, set by Alberto Sura, will be defeated. In total, the top five drivers set the lap time. This should change in the remaining 25 minutes of training.

1:23 pm

Moto3 FT2: Few riders on the road

Early times are much slower than in the morning, which is why the majority of the field continues to hold out for digging. Only six drivers on the road. Ryusei Yamanaka is fastest in this young session with a scale of 1:49.891 minutes.

1:19 pm

Moto3 FT2: So many are waiting

Not all drivers have dared to get out of the pits yet. Some may want to wait and see how conditions develop. Those who dare to take a trip rely on rain tires. But during the session it can noticeably dry out. The race streak is already dry in places.

1:13 pm

Moto3 FT2: It Goes On

The afternoon has dawned and it will be the second free training sessions in the programme. Moto3 starts again. Here Izan Guevara had the fastest time in the morning with a time of 1:39,561.

Only the smallest class was able to drive on a dry track. At the moment it is no longer raining in Valencia and the sun is showing, but there are still clearly wet spots on the asphalt.

12:21 pm

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11:43 AM

Moto2 FT1: Schrötter in 14th place

Augusto Fernandez’s best time was later canceled, but the Spaniard is still ahead. But lead melts to 20 parts per thousand. World Cup contenders Raul Fernandez and Remy Gardner finished off wet drills in 12th and 20th place, while Marcel Schrötter came in 14th, 1.133 seconds behind.

11:37 AM

Moto2 FT1: Best clear time

Augusto Fernandez corrected his best time at the end with 1:45.968 minutes. That puts him 0.639 ahead of Joe Roberts, who is in second place. Hector Garzo drops late but is still third.

Barry Baltos and Aaron Kanet and the VR46 pilots Celestino Fetti and Marco Pesicchi finished fourth to seventh. Fermin Aldeger, Nicolo Polega and Lorenzo Baldasari rounded out the top ten, more than a second apart.

11:33 AM

Moto2 FT1: The Joys and Sorrows of Marc-VDS

Sam Lowes is no longer on the right track in this session after his early crash. He was examined at the medical center and it appears that he was not seriously injured. I hope he can attack again in the afternoon.

His teammate Augusto Fernandez climbed to the top with a new time of 1:46.587 minutes in the final stage.

11:26 AM

Moto2 FT1: several slips

Somkiat Chantra fell in the fourth turn. Shortly thereafter, Barry Baltus slipped into Turn Six. Nothing happened to either of them. But first you have to get your bikes back into the pits – and the clock is ticking.

11:24 am

Moto2 FT1: Intermediate result

Many drivers stop before the last blow. Joe Roberts set the best time at 1:46.607 minutes. Just 0.184 seconds separates him from Hector Garzo in second, who almost fell at Turn 13 but was still able to save the situation. Augusto Fernandez is in third place. There is still ten good minutes left to drive.