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The electric truck Tesla-Semi is not approved in Australia

Tesla is five centimeters wide for semi-Australian roads, so there is no approval. Tesla wants her Electrolaster But do not change, but demand that Australia change the rules.

The Australian market is very small

Under current regulations, trucks in Australia should not be more than 2.50 meters wide. Almost too little for that Tesla SemiIt is 2.53 to 2.55 meters wide. In the United States and Europe, on the other hand, Teslas met Electric truck Specifications.

That’s why I like it Tesla Half of its trailer has not been modified, but Australia will have to change its licensing terms. In a petition to the National Transportation Authority, the carmaker warned that the Australian market was too small to modify the vehicle.

“Given Australia’s small size compared to global markets, such discrepancies between Australian regulations and large markets will delay vehicles or prevent them from entering the local market,” Tesla writes. “Right now, Australia is likely to lose first-generation heavy-duty electric vehicles like the Tesla Semi.”

Australian associations and officials support Tesla

Tesla is demanding that trucks with a width of 2.60 meters be registered in Australia and be supported by the Australian Trucking Association (ADA), an interest group in the Australian trucking industry. The ATA is also in favor of changing the terms. The current regulations are not in the best interest of the environment because they will stop introducing non-emission trucks. The association supports Tesla’s concern to increase the allowable width by 10 centimeters to bring these vehicles onto Australian roads.

This is not the first time Australian rules have been linked to foreign rules. Astrods, a company that represents the transport authorities in the Australian states, conducted a survey in 2019. His recommendation: Australia should increase the maximum allowable width for lorries to 2.55 meters.

Various stakeholders were interviewed in the study, most of whom were in favor of change. However, the biggest objections came from local truck manufacturers who feared the new regulations would harm their businesses. In some cases there were also security concerns. So far, Astrodes study and recommendation have not had any effects.

Tesla also wants to change the laws in Germany

By the way, Australia is not the only country trying to get a change in Tesla law. In Germany, the carmaker is worried about Sundays and the public holiday ban on trucks and has demanded an exemption from the federal government. According to reports, the Ministry of Transport under Andreas Square has promised to study the introduction of special regulation for electric trucks. While freight forwarders welcome the proposal, Frank Huster, executive director of the Federal Association of Speculation and Logistics, considers the request “politically hopeless.” Huster said you will be defeated by the opposition of the unions.

The Tesla Semi is set to hit the market later this year. Tesla claims that up to 1,000 km range is possible thanks to improved battery technology.

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