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The electric Toyota Land Cruiser is diving into Australia

The electric Toyota Land Cruiser is diving into Australia

The whole story has one Historical background. 40 years ago, few adventurers wanted to go with one Toyota Land Cruiser Underwater cruise through Darwin Bay. At that time the company failed. Now a group of… Divers and techniciansTo deal with the whole thing again – but this time successfully and in relation to relevant people records.

Seven kilometers The journey through the bay is long and you can reach up to 30 meters deep.

Car A Land Cruiser of the year 1978But on that day Electric drive rebuilt. This gets around a problem with the 1983 Land Cruiser, namely the intake air supply to the engine. Aussie Players don’t have much time to test; Only able to test in salt water.

The bay also overflows Sharks And Crocodiles. But that’s not the problem. The difficulty was that the car moved several times Stuck in the sand, reported news channel 7NEWS Australia. One runs across the bay pipeAbove that the vehicle has to be lifted under water.

In fact, the journey took longer than originally thought. 12 hours The Land Cruiser was on the move, and the crew of the vehicle, dubbed the “Mudcrab,” was constantly changing. At 9pm the car emerged from the sea in Darwin and was greeted by waiting fans.