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The Elder Scrolls Online: The 'High Isle' expansion released

The Elder Scrolls Online: The ‘High Isle’ expansion released

The new High Isle expansion takes you to the Systen Archipelago, designed to resemble medieval Europe and the home of the Bretons. The full quest line “Breton Legacy” tells a new story that lasts about thirty hours. Owner ‘The Sheikh’s Manuscripts OnlineBy the way, you don’t have to have all the ex Add-ons Property. High Isle can also be played if you only have the base game. The level of opponents in new areas automatically adapts to the player’s level. So you can decide for yourself which of the many expansions you want to try first.

As a special for all people, Saltatio Mortes composed their own song for “High Isle” with “Pray to the Hunter”. Medieval rock musicians don’t dare work with them for the first time ESO-Developer Bethesda Softworks. for the previous chapterblack woodThe group has already contributed a cover version of ‘The Dragonborn Comes’. Saltatio Mortes also confirmed in a statement Smooth cooperation – So it’s very likely that the group won’t be their last song in media Delivered.

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“Hi Isle” will be released on June 6 for a concert personal computer Back. console player (Playstation 4And the PlayStation 5And the Xbox OneAnd the Xbox Xbox X) You have to be patient. These should only be able to access new content as of June 21.