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The Elder Scrolls 6 is only in pre-production?  Rumors suggest a long wait •

The Elder Scrolls 6 is only in pre-production? Rumors suggest a long wait •

It looks like fans of the Elder Scrolls series will have to wait a while.

Anyone who was hoping for the release of The Elder Scrolls this year or at least coming close to a release will be disqualified from a LinkedIn profile that has since been deleted. This claims that the eagerly awaited title is only in pre-production and therefore still has a long way to go.

Maybe you can wait a long time for The Elder Scrolls 6

Like our English colleagues MessagesThe profile on which the information surfaced was said to be from a newcomer to Bethesda who is said to have joined the studio in the talent acquisition territory just this month.

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“Bethesda Games Studios sets the standard for open-world gaming and is currently in full production on Starfield, the first new world in 25 years, and in pre-production on the highly anticipated The Elder Scrolls VI,” Bethesda’s profile reads in a new addition. The account is no longer accessible.

As always with rumours, this information should be treated with caution. The studio may already be working on a successor to Skyrim, but production of The Elder Scrolls 6 may begin after the release of Starfield – we don’t know. A rumor like this at least warns prospective players to be patient.

What we know

As we already know, The Elder Scrolls 6 will be released exclusively for PC, Xbox Series X, and S — but only after the upcoming Playground Games and Obsidian’s new fantasy RPG.

Developers already have He said, that they want to take the time needed for the sixth season to “do justice” to the “large and poignant nature” of the series.