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The Duchess Kate wants a fresh start

The Duchess Kate wants a fresh start

There is also tension between the wives of Prince William and Prince Harry. Duchess Kate is now taking her first conciliatory steps toward Meghan Markle.

The basics in brief

  • The relationship between Meghan and Kate was strained by the conflict between their men.
  • Duchess Kate now dares to take the first steps toward reconciliation.
  • But it’s not just Prince William’s wife who has to do well with Sussex.

both of them Royals All signs point to reconciliation – but only with women! Prince Harry (36) and Prince William (39) They seem unable to put aside their differences. with their wives But slowly the clouds are pulling in the skies of Zoff: Duchess Kate (39 years old) has taken the first steps towards reconciliation with Meghan Markle (39)

An insider knows this, US Weekly writes. Williams’ wife has been closer to her sister-in-law “a lot more,” “especially since Lillipet’s birth.” Kate got Meghan Markle’s notes and gifts He was sent to build such a relationship.”

But this conciliatory step is not limited to that only Wife of the heir to the throne: The palace had “ordered the staff to get closer to Sussex to make them a little softer”.

Will Duchess Kate and Megan Markle coexist?

The two royal women It wasn’t particularly close. The quarrel between their men made their relationship noticeably icy.

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