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The Duchess Kate: A slap in the face

The Duchess Kate: A slap in the face

Duchess Meghan: She was not invited – an insult from Kate!

Kate has always stood by Prince Harry “too close” He is said to have been devastated when the 37-year-old decided to leave London and the royal family. The fact that her husband, Prince William, is still not speaking to his brother should break her heart. Already at the funeral of Prince Philip (99). “I did my best to bring them closer, but it didn’t work,” she said. It goes on. Now you want to try again:

Birthdays are a reason to celebrate, for the family and to be around the ones you love.

This is the opinion of a mother of three children.

But what is remarkable about all the effective plans for reconciliation: Duchess Meghan is not even mentionedBecause, according to Neal Shaun, she should not have been invited: “I was told that Megan was not mentioned at all.”

This not only shows how deep the rift between Duchess Meghan and Duchess Kate is, it also shows who is to blame members of the royal family for the complete misery and difficult relationship with Prince Harry – his wife! The 37-year-old, who has always emphasized in the past that he fully supports his wife, is unlikely to come to his brother’s birthday party under these circumstances…

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