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The Door to Mars: Photographs of Curiosity and Perseverance Roamers - Wikipedia

The Door to Mars: Photographs of Curiosity and Perseverance Roamers – Wikipedia

Door for sure! On Mars! The entrance to the burial chamber? A haven where the green men hide from the blue men? Martian food warehouse? Oh no, it’s always the same: the one from the rover Curiosity The captured image currently circulating throughout the Internet, of course, does not show any evidence of life on Mars, not even a secret Pentagon facility. But only a natural crack in the rock, about 30 x 40 cm in size, about the size of a dog door, As announced by NASA.

This isn’t the first time that an honest interpretation of a disturbing image of Mars has been a bit disappointing. Already in 2014 took over Curiosity A bright flash at the foot of a mountain range. Could this be a strobe LED light for Mars, or a campfire?

Flashing from afar: a shot from “Curiosity”.

(Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

In fact, the light then turned into an optical illusion, due to cosmic raysAs NASA employee Doug Ellison explained on Twitter: There was no visible light in the image from the second rover camera, which was captured at the exact same moment.

Only in February this year was another CuriosityThe image that appears to show the flower of Mars has been released.

Space travel: The "a flower"taken on February 24 "Curiosity"less than two centimeters.

The “Venus” that Curiosity recorded on February 24th is less than two centimeters long.

(Image: NASA)

It was not, of course, a body formed by the action of minerals in water long ago.

Humorists also frequently provide material for images of Mars. For example, when a picture appears to show a small screwdriver lying around (in fact, it’s just a rock).

There are also photos that at first glance seem to show traces of extraterrestrial life, which turns out to be nonsense – but the actual explanation is also interesting. That’s how it was when it was Mars reconnaissance vehicle While circling the planet in the Athabasca Valles region, I took pictures of spiraling patterns that at first glance look like works of art or fossils.

Spaceflight: Spiral patterns aboard the Cerberus Palos plane on Mars.

Spiral patterns on Cerberus Palos on Mars.

(Photo: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona)

In fact, the spirals published in 2012, which are up to 30 meters wide, According to some scholars It’s the result of a particular lava flow mechanism: When lava flows side by side in different directions, it can spiral and leave spiral patterns, something similar known from the sea floor on Earth. Other experts believe that the structures are very similar to the imprints of ice that once existed.

Then there are those images that are hard to explain by natural mechanisms. About those recorded by the rover perseverance In February a cylinder appears lying around.

Space travel: a cylinder on Mars, captured February 16th.

A cylinder on Mars dust taken on February 16.

(Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU)

Surely this should be evidence of intelligent life? Whatever method you take. The cylinder is part of the drilling equipment of perseveranceIt comes from the earth.