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The Division 2: This is how the game begins its sixth year today

The Division 2: This is how the game begins its sixth year today

Who would have thought. Now in its sixth year, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is getting another season, and new story content has also been announced.

Those who are said to be dead live longer. After it seemed for a while that Ubisoft had no more content in the pipeline for the third-person shooter, the game has finally recovered and appears to be attracting enough fans for more seasons. In any case, the first season of Year 6 begins today under the name First Rogue and Ubisoft has a lot in store for Year 6.

In yesterday's introduction, Ubisoft explained in more detail what to expect in the coming months and the three planned seasons. Perhaps the most exciting statement is that The Division 2 is getting new story content. This is said to be about department agents who are sent to locate Agent Kelso. She also continues to search for Aaron Keener and try to discover his motives. Apparently, the new story will be coming to the game in the form of a downloadable story between seasons two and three.

Furthermore, the need to own the Warlords of New York expansion to reach the level 40 cap has been removed, unlocking the entire repertoire of game content for DLC owners. The game also receives a new progression system for endgame and seasonal progression.

In Season 2 the system will be supplemented with Seasons 2.0. The progression system will then allow you to create and play seasonal characters so you can try out different playstyles and builds. Seasonal characters start at level 1 and can be fully upgraded, a system seemingly similar to the one currently in place in Diablo IV.

In addition, the hunt system, through which you were previously able to hunt high-level targets during seasons, will be revised. There should be new scouts every week and they will send you on appropriate missions. There is also a new difficulty level for certain types of missions called “Master”, designed for four-man teams.

Anyone who wants to take a look at how The Division 2 plays now and what the new season looks like has the opportunity to do so for free from June 13-17 as part of a free weekend.

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