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The difference is in the details

From Eastern Bloc sibling to competitor: Škoda has been in Switzerland for 30 years and the Volkswagen Group brand has repeatedly teased its big sister Volkswagen. Although they both build their models on the same technology! BUT: Skodas are always slightly larger than the corresponding VW models, are a little cheaper and look more realistic. Bonus: In 2017, the Skoda Octavia pushed the VW Golf off the top of the Swiss sales charts.

But are these the only reasons? Audi Q4 E-Tron, Skoda Enyaq iV and VW ID.4 – they all rely on the build kit of the same technology group and compete in the SUV segment. At the end of October it starts with us Coupe version of Enyaq – And as a sporty version of the RS with 299 hp from 61,650 Swiss francs. Technically, the same car as the long-range tester VW ID.4 GTX by Blick Car Editors. It’s not a coupe, but it will soon be available as an ID.5 GTX. Let’s take a closer look: what does Skoda actually do differently with the same car? And: Could you do it better?