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The danger of slippery roads in rush hour traffic! In these megacities, slippery roads threaten – meteorology

Tief Finn and Hoch Oldenburgia promote cold, polar air to Germany. It rains first, then it gets really cold. This allows Tuesday’s rain to freeze through the night. It starts at 8pm in Thuringia, northern Bavaria and parts of Hesse: the skies are clear and then temperatures on the ground drop very quickly towards the freezing point. The leaves scattered in the streets increase the risk of ice formation. Next night and especially Wednesday morning, be careful in the traffic!

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Most of the country can be slippery. In Bavaria, Thuringia and Saxony it is cooler with slight negative values ​​at night. Only on the Rhine, in large parts of Westphalia, in Emsland and along the coasts does it remain frost free.

Danger of slipping in major cities!

Drivers should be prepared for slippery roads in the morning rush hour especially on Wednesdays, when the risk of slipping is highest between 6am and 8am. Smooth roads can be expected until 10 am.

Since it is often warmer in cities than in the country, drivers who drive into town from surrounding areas should be especially careful. It can also be dangerously slippery in urban parks or on bridges. For this reason, cyclists should not only wear warm clothes on Wednesday mornings, but also pay attention to the condition of the ground.

The onset of the upcoming winter gives us the first slippery slope this fall, which also affects the big cities. In and around Hamburg, Hanover, Berlin, Leipzig, Erfurt, Dresden, Chemnitz, Nuremberg, Kassel, Munich, Augsburg, Passau Saarbrücken and Kiel it can be slippery on Wednesday morning. However, in Cologne, Frankfurt and Stuttgart, it is still frost-free.

Slush instead of the black snow in the south

The temperatures south of Munich on a Wednesday morning are a bit strange. It’s too warm here to be snowy. This is due to the accumulated clouds on the mountains from the north. This means that the air cannot cool as much. However, frost or even snowfall occurs during the night, which also continues on Wednesday morning. So here too, you should not indulge in a false sense of security.

Temperatures on the rise again

The good news is that Wednesday is going to be the coldest night of the week right now, after which it will get warmer again. Autumn will be changeable in the coming days. A real battle erupts for the air masses. Cold and warm air alternate very quickly and there is always wind and rain. Quiet autumn weather may be another weekend. Next week looks rather turbulent.

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