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The Cycling City ranked eighth and finished with a distance of 134,000 km

The Cycling City ranked eighth and finished with a distance of 134,000 km

Once again, Barsinghauser ranked only 8th out of 21 regional municipalities in city cycling, but the coordinators remained satisfied and all achieved a positive balance from the three-week campaign. 613 people, double the number in the previous year, participated in 37 teams. They drove a total of 133,963 kilometers – 42,000 kilometers more than last year. “A significant increase,” says Hedron Bartz, the city’s cycling coordinator and spokesperson for the German Public Cycling Club (ADFC). About 20 tons of climate-damaging carbon dioxide were saved.

HAG has the biggest team

In addition to Hannah-Arndt-Gymnasium, which also contributed the most kilometers (35,750) with the largest participating team of 174 members, this time Lisa-Tetzner and Gros Munzel Elementary School were there with good results. 30 participants from the Parish Cycling Team cycled 6,772 kilometers, again for the Basche Trias (8,397 kilometers with 19 participants) and the Astrid-Lindgren-Kiga and Friends (4,392 kilometers with 14 participants).

Barrigser runs 1336 km

Bartz says all 37 teams deserve a mention. However, due to a lack of space, not all of them were listed. In addition to the city administration, groups of firefighters, swimming club, cycling club, SPD and greens, from the cultural sector as well as from families and groups of friends participated. Note: A cyclist from Barrigsen drove 1,336 km alone in the three weeks.

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The curators would like to thank all active cyclists for their commitment and hope the campaign has motivated people to cycle more distances rather than the car. There were a lot of positive comments that cycling in the city was fun. The first commitments for next year have already been made.

From Jennifer Krebs