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The couple lives only on cruise ships

The couple lives only on cruise ships

An American couple realize a dream: they both quit their jobs and are now traveling around the world on cruise ships.

The basics in brief

  • The life of an American couple on Earth is fed up.
  • The two quit their jobs and each packed suitcases.
  • Since then, they have lived only on cruise ships.

An American couple give up their lives on earth and trade them for life in the high seas out of place. And that makes sense financially, as Angeline Burke explained to “7Life.”

Because: the room On a cruise ship You can for only 43 Francs book a day. Now the two young men, who are over 50 years old, are exploring the world with ships. They change from one cruise ship to another.

“Love to travel”

On rare occasions, ship schedules require you to stay ashore. Then the couple often stays with family or friends for a short time.

On the other hand, this became possible thanks to the savings of the spouses. Secondly, the expected a discount The house is in Seattle, USA. is yours Careers They both surrendered. The two haven’t been given permanent residency since May 2021 – and they seem to like the lifestyle.

“We love to travel,” continues the former accountant. We were looking for a way to retire always to travelIt makes sense from a financial point of view as well.” After some calculations, it was clear to her: From a financial standpoint, early retirement and life on cruise ships makes more sense than that. Mortgage pay off.

Both are more interested in experiences than material things. They would have lived frugally their whole lives for it. On their long journey, they both took only one suitcase.

Have you taken a cruise before?

The 53-year-old’s favorite destinations include Singapore, Italy, Canada, Iceland and the Bahamas. The goal: one day to see everything.

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