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The classic shooter will be back soon!

The classic shooter will be back soon!

XBox One players can look forward to it! There are many indications of Goldeneye 007’s console re-release – with 55 achievements.

The basics in brief

  • Goldeneye 007 may be re-release soon for XBox One.
  • The game is included in the lists of achievements with 55 achievements for the platform.
  • The classic shooter could also appear on the Nintendo Switch.

Goldeneye 007 fans will be delighted! Supposed to be a shooter game Republished soon. The classic game could soon be played on XBox One and maybe even on Nintendo Switch.

This is what the achievement lists from TrueAchivements and Exophase suggest, as reported by «». Twitter user Wario64 pointed this out as well Xbox One Is there as a platform. A total of 55 Achievements can be earned.

In 1997 the game was indexed. In other words, it was not allowed to be sold or advertised for 25 years. That time is almost over now. Usually, after the expiration of this period, a check is performed to determine if indexing is necessary again.

But with Goldeneye 007 this is not necessary: ​​it was approved and removed from the list after only 24 years. This means that the rights holder – rare in this case – made such a request. This combined with the performance in the achievements list is very promising for XBox One players.

But basically there is a possibility to nintendo-The player: nintendo Rights are not renewed. However, the classic game could be – in consultation with Rare – Released on Nintendo Switch.

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