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The Citroen C5 X will likely make a lot of space as a cab – an extra hybrid | News | Taxi Today – the magazine for independent and nationwide taxis

Citroen discontinued the available mid-range C5 with an INTAX taxi package some time ago. It is now followed by the C5 X hatchback as a combination of a station wagon with a slight increase in the ground clearance and seating position for an SUV, without a high overhang like that and providing a high windward surface area.

With a wheelbase of 2785 mm, Citroen’s new “flagship car”, which the marketing wants to place in the luxury segment, should offer plenty of space, especially in the rear. This and a reference to “sound laminated side windows” with high acoustic comfort and comfortable suspension despite the 19-inch wheels can satisfy taxi riders and frequent drivers in the left front. The same applies to the large box with a flat load compartment floor with a low loading threshold and smooth side walls.

Diesel hearts no longer beat under the hood. The new model is only available with a petrol engine, which has not yet been described in detail, and as a hybrid engine with an electric range of 50 kilometers. It should deliver 225 horsepower and be able to drive up to 135 km / h fully electric. How many cylinders the engine has – probably four – and what displacement Citroen has yet to reveal. The brand has also failed to provide more detailed information on shipping options, which supposedly do not allow fast shipping and thus are somewhat impractical to use taxis or rent cars.

In the absence of a suitable contact person for taxi and rental car customers in sales, the question of whether Citroen will have a cab or rental car package developed for the C5 X with its former partner INTAX is somewhat lethargic.