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The chosen one is not white

Britic elite colleges etc Oxford, Cambridge or St. Andrew’s are often accused of breeding social elites. But this accusation does not hold up in reality. For the first time, non-white graduates are now outnumbering whites at top universities. Statistics also show that by 2021, seventy-two percent of Chinese applicants will have a place at an elite university.

They have the highest pass rate among all comparison groups in leading universities. White school-leavers had the lowest rate: thirty-three percent of those who applied for a place at university were accepted by an elite university in 2021. The news is not surprising. This development has been observed since 2005. In 2018, applicants from Singapore were offered more new places at Oxford than graduates from the North East of England.

Tuition fees range from £28,000 to £39,000

The university said the move was made due to diversity. However, he was criticized for his social isolationism. Applicants from Asian countries in particular appear to have been prioritized – compared to white minorities, and other minorities. This is mainly for economic reasons.

Because places at Cambridge and Oxford are not only in demand but also expensive. “Foreign” expatriates pay particularly large sums. As of this year, students from the European Union are also included in this group. Non-British tuition fees at Oxford range from £28,000 to £39,000 per year, while British students pay £9,250 per year. They are also entitled to receive loans from the UK government. There seems to be more money than moral reasons in the preferential allocation of university places to students from overseas.