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Zürich - Migros Bank mit gehaltenem Halbjahresgewinn

The CEO of Migros Bank and his assistant in a relationship – resigned

The assistant CEO of Migros Bank Manuel Konzelman left the company – due to a love affair with its boss.

The basics in brief

  • Manuel Konzelman is still in a relationship with his personal assistant.
  • His mistress will soon leave the company.

Manuel Konzelman, the 47-year-old CEO of Migros Bank, has an affair with his personal assistant. Now his new partner is breaking up From the company.

Konzelman has been the CEO of Migros Bank since May 2020, and it is said that by that time he was in contact with his lover for the first time. According to “Inside Paradeplatz”, she will be the wife of the CEO in September 2020 For personal assistant promotion. that go data From a woman’s LinkedIn profile. Shortly thereafter, the two became a couple.

However, since the bank informs the broker, there was no subordination relationship between the two. At the same time, the Bank does not refer to the woman as an assistant to management, but as: “a member of the executive office who is not under the regulatory authority of the CEO”.

Migros Bank CEO and Assistant: Separate Career Paths

As the bank assures SonnagsBlick: “They both understand that a special relationship can be controversial in a business environment. A few weeks ago you decided together. Separate career paths Takes. “

“Due to their assignments, there has never been a conflict of interest or a violation of Migros’ guidelines.” So the bank spokesman continues.

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