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The candidate trusts the phone joker - he shouldn't have done it

The candidate trusts the phone joker – he shouldn’t have done it

03/15/2022, 15:0403/15/2022, 15:12

Peter Jachko is nothing but a boring “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” candidate. The father of two children from Langenhagen, near Hanover, was Whitney Houston’s bodyguard. Today it is the object manager (der comment About this from Quizmaster Jauch: “In a certain way, each of us is an object manager, and we always manage some stuff”).

But he does not want to stay there any longer, Gashko has a dream: the candidate, who also raises bees in his spare time, wants to open a dog studio with his wife. But this requires money, he also wants to train as a dog trainer.

By the way, Jauch became a Sports It was made to estimate the weight of the candidates when they entered the test. Gaschko is estimated to weigh around 109 kg (116 kg). However, the candidate navigates through the first few questions with anything but crap: a couple of times – including the dog’s question – he’s not sure, but he gambles and is right each time.

“Why do you even have jokers?” Jauch says. He wonders about it too, answers the candidate and laughs. So even asking and including 8000 euros, he doesn’t need a joker. However, he only has three, as he chooses the security option, which puts him at 16,000 euro Believer. He was also in dire need of it, as will be shown later. But how would you do? Try it here:

How far will you have in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” accomplishment?

Peter Goschke asks €64,000, but then drops back to €16,000.

A question of 32,000 euros will be his free question, because he cannot drop more than 16,000 euros. But Gaschko has no idea, but the Joker is still the audience. Put it and multiply his winnings. So the property manager only has the phone clown for the critical question of €64,000. And the question is difficult: Gauch would like to know from the candidate what happens to the wolf in the musical fairy tale by Sergei Prokofiev “Peter and the Wolf”.

Gaschko is unsure and relies on his phone acquaintances. You think he will be shot by the hunter. But she’s also not 100% sure. The candidate feels the same way, he too would have accepted this answer. But despite this double uncertainty, he trusts his phone clown.

Thanks to the safety variant, Peter Goschke could still smile at the end.

Thanks to the safety variant, Peter Goschke could still smile at the end. Photo: RTL

Indeed, Gaschko has the same fate as last week’s candidates: The Joker gave the wrong answer. Fortunately for him, Gaschko was not that difficult, he has 16 thousand euros left. He says anyway: “Damn it.” Although there could have been more, of course he would put the money he earns into the dog salon and training him.

By the way: If Peter Gaschko had made a million, he would have made a longer journey on foot through North America. The money was not to be spent on the trip, but on his wife: in consolation for his absence of six months.

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