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The Budget Controversy in America: The Big Armwrestling

The Budget Controversy in America: The Big Armwrestling

The US Capitol has recently experienced many of his unseemly displays. Three people got together on Tuesday. During one hearing, a Republican senator challenged a union representative to a fight; Mainstream leftist Bernie Sanders should step in and remind the man what position he holds. Shortly afterward, a far-right Republican representative in the House of Representatives accused his former speaker, Kevin McCarthy, who was on his caucus, of intentionally elbowing him in the kidney as McCarthy passed him. Finally, the chairman of the powerful Oversight and Accountability Committee — also a Republican — insulted a colleague. Democrats As “Smurf”.

One wants to believe that the whole thing is a production, part of a show. That’s probably not entirely wrong.

That same day, an important vote took place in the House of Representatives: an interim budget. Some federal officials intend to keep operating until mid-January and others until early February. Extreme right wing Republic rejected the draft because it did not provide for the drastic cuts they demanded. This does not include the billions in aid that both countries have urgently requested for Israel and Ukraine; This was Joe Biden’s request.

Nevertheless, a majority of Democrats voted for the bill, and McCarthy’s successor, Mike Johnson, was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives for three weeks. House of Representatives, had finally negotiated. Only two of them voted against; Among Republicans, it was 93. Johnson received more support from the opposition than from his own party. Democrats in the Senate, who have yet to approve the bill, have already signaled they will take a similar approach. They represent a slim majority there.

The day provides an in-depth look at the current state of affairs in Congress. Republicans hate Democrats and care less and less about showing it. But they hate each other even more. The constellations of who ally with whom and whom they seek to bring down are constantly shifting.

For example, Tim Burchett, who allegedly punched McCarthy in the kidney, spoke about the “friendship” between the two a few months ago. McCarthy became speaker in January on 15 ballots, with Burchett voting for him each time. Nine months later, he was one of eight Republicans who voted to remove McCarthy. A few weeks later he again stood in the Capitol, and according to eyewitnesses, McCarthy at least called him – intentionally or not – a party colleague “stupid” and shouted after him: “You are so pathetic, man. !”

The far-right around Burchett is pushing for cuts in government spending. The draft that Johnson has now put to a vote leaves them at the same level as before, for now. That alone was enough for these right-wingers to refuse to give him their consent. They were the first to propose a two-phase approach — funding for about half of the authorities by mid-January and the rest by early February.