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The British want to overturn judgments in the future

The British want to overturn judgments in the future

In the future, the British government wants to overturn European Court decisions with the “Bill of Rights”.

Briefly essential

  • The Bill of Rights aims to strengthen “British tradition and independence”.
  • For example, the British government may challenge the decisions of the European Court of Justice.

The British government intends About judgments Of the European Court of Justice Human rights Can be overwritten.

That Law Bill of Rights “Strengthens the tradition of British independence and adds general knowledge to the organization.” Said Justice Minister Dominic Robb Project On Wednesday Houses of Parliament Wanted to contribute.

Last week, a Strasbourg court decision blocked Britain’s controversial plan. Britain wants to send asylum seekers from various countries to Rwanda by air, instead they have to apply for asylum. Under the new rules, British courts will have the final say in such cases.

European Court of Justice Human rights A European company based in Strasbourg, France CourtBut the EU is nothing. Asked instead It European Forum, Of which Great Britain is still a member. Complaints against all 46 member states may be brought before the court on suspicion of violating the European Convention on Human Rights.

There is no withdrawal from the Human Rights Conference

As Russia did recently, Great Britain has so far refused to withdraw from the Human Rights Conference. Minister of Justice Rob To have But change the implementation of the conference and the handling of relevant judgments.

Human rights organizations were concerned. Amnesty International UK described As planned “The biggest setback for the rights of ordinary people.” The Bar Association and the Law Association also criticized the proposed law.

This means that some human rights violations will be accepted in the UK. This was stated by President Stephanie Boyce BBC According to. Also, give it to him Country More power over its citizens. All future governments will have a power regardless of their goals and values.

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