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The British mock the scenes of the polo event

The British mock the scenes of the polo event

She just can’t please them! After being featured at a polo event by husband Harry, Meghan Markle was met with ridicule and hate.

The basics in brief

  • Prince Harry won a trophy with his polo team.
  • Meghan Markle was also in attendance at the awards ceremony – and caused laughter.
  • why? The Duchess made one slip after another.

The British are laughing off their sleeves!

Prince Harry (37) He recently got himself back A passion for polo Discover. Since then, the blue-blooded horse has often been in the saddle again – and also won a cup with his team.

In celebration of victory Wife Meghan Markle (40) was there, too. But the performance may not have been what the Duchess had imagined. Girl’s face!

Meghan Markle wants to grab the cup from her hand

what happened? Along with Harry and his co-stars, Meghan stands on the podium at the awards ceremony. However, she looks more awkward than self-confident.

First you try to snatch the prize from one of the players. But he does not give up his little cup. inappropriate!

Then Become a former actress It’s almost mysterious as Harry and his fellow polo players celebrate the trophy. Meanwhile, she grabs her hat and tries to get back into the photo under the award.

“It’s so absurd that it’s funny again,” he scoffs Twitter-Users. Another mockery: “You can feel the disdain of the other players when you get on the podium as if they won something too.”

Are you interested in Harry and Meghan’s life?

Someone else wonders what Megan was doing there. After all, there were no wives or partners in the stands.

after every thing: Prince Harry It seems he did everything right for once.

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