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The British government has approved the construction of a new nuclear power plant

The British government has approved the construction of a new nuclear power plant

The British government has given permission for a new nuclear power plant in the east of the country.

The essentials in a nutshell

  • The plant is being built by a French and Chinese team.

The Sizewell C power station will generate “emission-free electricity for six million homes”, the government said in London on Wednesday. With the construction of the plant with a production of 3200 MW, Great Britain wants to achieve its climate goals: the United Kingdom wants to be net zero emissions by 2050.

Government officials had already announced in January that the government would support the project with 100 million pounds (117.4 million euros). A cash injection has also been made to attract additional investors to the project.

The financial commitment “will be used to advance the development of the project,” according to a statement from the Department of Energy. Other government funds are also conceivable subject to necessary approvals.

French energy company EDF is in charge of construction and owns 80 percent of the project. The remaining 20 percent is held by Chinese state-owned CGN. Talks between the British government and EDF had already begun last year, with speculation that the Chinese project partner would be excluded due to rising tensions between London and Beijing.

Sizewell C is not the only project in Great Britain with Chinese involvement: in southwest England, the group is working with EDF on the construction of the Hinckley Point nuclear power station. The project is the UK’s first new nuclear power station in more than two decades.

In total, the UK has 15 nuclear reactors at eight different locations. However, many reactors will soon reach the end of their useful lives. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson He promised that a new nuclear reactor would be built every year. In addition to large reactors, it should also include smaller, “modular” plants.

Eco system Green peace Criticized the decision for a new nuclear power plant. “Sizewell C represents everything that is wrong with energy policy,” said the science director Green peace In Great Britain, Duck Bar. “Instead of wasting time and money on this bogus solution, the government should do everything possible to make cheap, clean and reliable renewable energy the backbone of our energy supply”.

Unions, on the other hand, welcomed the announcement but called for more transparency in the funding of the project. “Sizewell C is essential to meeting our energy needs,” said Charlotte Childs Labor union GMP. “This is an important step towards our energy security and climate neutrality.”

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