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The British government announced a general election in Northern Ireland

British Northern Ireland Minister Chris Heaton-Harris wants a general election. It is aimed at solving the acute political crisis of the country.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • Northern Ireland Minister Chris Heaton-Harris has announced a general election.
  • He hasn’t given a date yet, but December 15 is under discussion.

The new election is said to be tough politics Crisis in Northern Ireland to solve Chris Heaton-Harris, Britain’s minister for Northern Ireland, said on Friday he would consult with all political parties again next week.

But I will call for an election. The minister did not specify a date, December 15 is under discussion. Heaton-Harris had previously tweeted that there would be no other option but a new one, months after the most recent election in May 2022. poll to set up.

The deadline to form a unity government ended on Friday night. Therefore, London must hold a new election.

The DUP, a mainline Protestant party that supports union with Great Britain, refuses to form a coalition government with Sinn Fein, a Catholic party that favors reunification with the United Kingdom. EU-Member Ireland is desperate. Sinn Féin was a strong force in the May election for the first time.

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