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The British Foreign Secretary is pushing for a holiday in Crete

There were more MPs in the British Parliament this week than there have been since the outbreak. Afghanistan – The government is under pressure, especially because of Foreign Minister Rob.

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  • British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb is under increasing pressure due to his behavior in the Afghanistan crisis.

Although extremist Islamists seize power, the conservative politician is blamed Taliban He practically continued on holiday in the Greek island of Crete all over Afghanistan.

Rob reportedly refused to make an emergency phone call to the Afghan foreign minister about the expulsion of local workers who had assisted British agencies for years.

Rob did not return to London until Monday after the radical Islamist Taliban It also seized control of the capital, Kabul. Earlier, British media reported that high-ranking diplomats had asked him in vain for several days to call him. The Resistance Now he must resign. According to reports on Friday, Rob is also losing support from the ruling Tory party and his own ministry.

Rob refused to resign on Thursday. As a demonstration, he was photographed chairing a conference call with the foreign ministers of other leading industrialized nations (G7). It is speculated that the cabinet may be reshuffled Herb Lose his post. Dissatisfaction with Afghanistan policy Government From the Prime Minister Boris Johnson Best of all political camps. There was a lot of criticism in the special session of parliament.

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