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The British Foreign Secretary has warned against peace talks with Russia

In an interview with the London Times on Saturday, Truss said: “I’m very skeptical.” There are no signs of withdrawal of Russian troops or any serious plans at the negotiating table. Moscow lied again and again, Truss continued. Of course, Kiev has the right to negotiate with Russia.

When asked if Great Britain could act as a guarantee for a peace deal in Ukraine, the conservative politician was outspoken. Previous attempts to grant Ukraine the right to security and self-determination have failed. He therefore warned that new solutions must be found. Under no circumstances should sanctions against Moscow or arms supplies to Kiev be negotiated. Another requirement is that Russia leave Ukraine, Truss said.

At the same time, the conservative politician warned against further aggravating the conflict. Russian President Vladimir Putin is becoming increasingly distrustful of the failure of his plan in Ukraine. “If he does not make progress, there is always the risk that he will resort to more and more drastic measures, and we have already seen horrific atrocities in Ukraine,” Truss said.