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The British don't want a big coronation party

The British don’t want a big coronation party

At the coronation of Prince Charles there will not be much fanfare. One expert believes that taxpayer money is very good for people.

The basics in brief

  • There is already speculation about Prince Charles’ coronation.
  • One expert thinks people don’t want to pay for a big celebration.

glory coronation Queen Elizabeth Second: It was celebrated in 1953 with a huge, astonishing event. Millions of people watched the live broadcast.

Will a similar effort be made at the coronation of Prince Charles (72)? No, royal writer Ian Lloyd believes.

Compared to the Express, he predicts a less grandiose celebration: “I don’t think people could come to such a grand celebration.” People will not support this kind of spending.

The royal expert even predicts a particularly simple ceremony: “Charles’ coronation will probably be more like what usually happens in Europe. You’re doing an oath ceremony.”

At the time, the coronation cost just under 55 million FrankenAs mentioned by The Mirror. It would be such an expensive celebration does not inherit the throne Thin. Because: Prince Charles has been known to fight for a smaller and above all cheaper monarchy.

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