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The big sell-off has begun: the next chocolate factory has closed

The big sell-off has begun: the next chocolate factory has closed

A chocolate factory from Germany is about to go out. After initially stopping production, remaining stocks are now sold on discount campaigns.

Like the company In a press release He writes, the chocri chocolate manufacturer will finally go out of business on april 30th. The company cites the current economic situation in the custom luxury chocolate business as a reason.

At chocri, private customers can whip up a personalized chocolate bar from over 27 billion choices. As confirmed by the manufacturer of CHIP, a big sale has now begun. Many products in the online store will be greatly reduced by the end of April.

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Chocolate manufacturer out of business: The future of the workforce remains unclear

The chocolate manufacturer, Shukri, will cease operations at the end of April.

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The chocri brand belongs to the Berlin-based Rübezahl-Riegelein Group. The Chocolate Selection concept has been available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 2008. According to its own information, the company cooperates with more than 600 retailers in the stationary confectionery business.

It is not yet known what will happen to the employees who manually make chocolate products.

Also important for chocolate lovers: Confiserie Heilemann is currently giving information about the recall campaign. Due to the fact that plastic parts are found in the products, consumption is not highly recommended. More on this here.

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