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“The best athlete in America is a huge German.”

“The best athlete in America is a huge German.”

With his next big success in the decathlon, Leo Neugebauer is heading towards new horizons. Experts and colleagues are enthusiastic, as the 23-year-old himself sees no limits.

Leo Neugebauer blew air kisses to the stands, formed his alma mater's “Hook 'em Horns” sign with his hands — and celebrated.

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Naturally, the decathlon star was completely exhausted after setting his next German record, as his legs hurt after the celebratory performance with 8,961 points. But Neugebauer was happy, too. “I'm really happy to get the final result and show what I'm capable of again. With the competition, I'm looking forward even more to Paris,” he said in an interview after his great performance. Sport1. He is now the favorite to win the gold medal at the Olympic Games.

“The competition was really great,” the 23-year-old explained after the college championship in Eugene (USA). He added that he was particularly happy with the first races – “Overall, it was a very strong first day.” Sport1 together.

Neugebauer is “very happy” about the world record

Neugebauer also broke the world record for the discus throw in the decathlon. The new record didn't necessarily surprise him: “I've been going really good distances in the discus in the last few competitions, so I expected that. But I'm really happy about it too.”

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He appeared with a happy smile on his face after his last competition. While he was still there, he thought about his next great deeds.

“I would say there are really no limits, I just have to stay consistent and keep working every day,” Neugebauer explained immediately after defending his title.

Trying as hard as he could, he stumbled the final 1,500 meters to the finish and was the first German in history to narrowly miss the magical 9,000-point mark – but that only bothered the 23-year-old for a moment: “I tried to accelerate, but then I didn't… “I no longer have the strength to do this.” In the end, there were about six seconds missing: “I tried my best – and it's still a great result,” Neugebauer said.

Neugebauer is No. 1 this season

And how: As European champion Niklas Kaul prepares to defend his European Championship title in Rome, Neugebauer improved his old German record from the previous year by 125 points.

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The athlete, who was born in Görlitz and grew up in Leinfelden-Echterdingen near Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg, is 1.98 meters tall and weighs about 110 kilograms, and is now number one in the world this season. Only five riders in history have been better than “German Leo,” as Neugebauer, who trains in the United States, calls himself on social media.

And of course the student, who now has his business degree under his belt and whose time at college in Austin, Texas, is running out, is now aiming to pull off the truly big coup at the Olympic Games in Paris (July 26 to August 11). “I think so, I can do a lot.”

Hingsen is now an Olympic hopeful

Neugebauer has been living and training in Austin since 2019, and his coach Jim Garnham has turned the giant diamond into a world-class athlete – also thanks to great conditions including a comprehensive carefree package at his college, which has an annual budget of more than $200 million in sports access.

It's also why “comic book runner” Neugebauer became Jorgen Hingsen's golden favorite at the “Olympics.” “If things go normally, no one will be able to beat him.” sir: “There has never been a decathlete like this before. He can do it all, and it makes my heart swell. (Background: Jorgen Hingsen: How a decathlon icon became the 'Nation's Idiot')

Added fellow decathlete Amadeus Graber (SV Leonardo da Vinci Nawen) Sport1: “A very strong record. 9,000 points this year is very realistic – and I'm looking forward to seeing a German medal in the decathlon again at the Olympics.”

At the same time as Graf and Becker

Christian Schenk, who won the Olympic gold medal in the decathlon for the GDR in 1988, joined Facebook Further: “Few people know what this result in the decathlon means. Few actually know his name. But I strongly doubt that Leo Neugebauer will become an icon of German sport, like Dirk Nowitzki in the 1920s!! Phenomenal.”

Shenk added: “And at the age of 23!” I think the name Leo has a meaning like the first names Stevie, Boris, Rosie, Franz And so much! What an achievement.” Graf, Becker, Mittermayer, Beckenbauer, Seeler-Neugebauer? The bar could hardly be higher.

Leo Neugebauer completed a very strong competition in the United States

In the United States, too, they have long been enthusiastic about Neugebauer. The famous one Wall Street Journal Recently the story was headlined: “America’s Best Athlete Is a Giant German” – America’s Best Athlete Is a Giant German.

This huge German is far from achieving his goal.

“It has always been my dream to be on the podium – especially at the Olympics,” said Neugebauer, who learned “important lessons” from his fifth-place finish at the world championships in Budapest.

Hingsen's old record has been surpassed

For an explosion of performance in other areas. Neugebauer's star had risen the previous year when he bettered Hingsen's old German record to 8,836 points.

After the current spectacle of 8,961 points, he now travels to Paris with more confidence: “It will be a lot of fun.”

And maybe he'll give Neugebauer air kisses again.

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