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The best alternative to Office: Have the software makers given up?

The best alternative to Office: Have the software makers given up?

LibreOffice is an excellent office suite that has always been able to keep up well with Microsoft Office – but it's completely free. However, the developers have taken a strange step to enter 2024.

What is notable is the version number From 7.6 it suddenly jumped to 24.2.0 It is, more so in the direction of year and month of publication. This is due to the fact that the update is now scheduled to appear only twice a year, and the next time is in August.

One might fear that the developers have now put LibreOffice into a kind of “maintenance mode” and no longer invest a lot of energy in updating the suite with the latest technologies – and this is developing very rapidly thanks to generative artificial intelligence. Can LibreOffice keep up with limited resources?

The changes after the current major release jump are numerous, but fairly marginal. Here is an excerpt:

  • Search function in the Options menu.
  • Automatic file backup is enabled by default
  • Improve comment tagging with Author style templates
  • In “Calc” the currently edited cells can be highlighted more clearly
  • When you save with a password, it will show how strong it is

You can find the full list of changes in English On the manufacturer's website.