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The Bayreuth Tigers moved up to sixth in the table after beating Heilbronn

The Bayreuth Tigers moved up to sixth in the table after beating Heilbronn

Again with a short lineup and only 13 field players, but with a different team, the DEL2 main round started again after the international break. In addition to Kurt Davis, Christian Kretschmann is also back. In addition to Koons, Zimmermann and Schog, who have been missing for a long time, Bukowicz, Bendels, Prudyn and Podlipnik also had to pass.

A quick game developed immediately, as the guests from Heilbronn set the tone and – due to early punishment against the tigers – immediately attacked the herds. Attacking efforts by the Falcons remained at a high level and so the Wagnerstadt goalkeeper who celebrated his birthday on that day had to intervene several times to keep his side in the game from the start. Another comment, when Schumacher was taken out of the match for two minutes, brought in good chances again, which culminated in another Morrison shot. Just a few moments later, the Tigers’ “wake-up call” came, when Hohmann ran on the left side to the attacking third, and quickly found Järveläinen who ran with him, and managed to overpower the previously unoccupied Tiefensee. Leadership. This strike seemed to release the forces that were then brought into the ice and created opportunities every minute. Meyer, Stevenhofer and Schumacher, who tried to miss a pass from Bether from the air, showed that the Tigers were closer to the second goal than the visitors might be able to equalise. Only Lautenschlager had another chance, which – as at the start of the game – was often favored due to the neglect of the hosts with their somewhat erratic defensive behaviour.

Right at operating temperature when the teams returned to the ice, the Hawks personally von Kirsch reappeared in front of the Bayreuth Gate, which the herds can defend once again. When, after 24 minutes of play, Hohmann made his way to third and then an uncontrollable goal landed at Yarvelinen, Yarvelinen pulled straight and somewhat dry, implying Bayreuth’s second goal. When Heilbronn took the first penalty kick, the Tigers produced an attractive power game that would bring in some chances, but without success. Järveläinen and Kretschmann failed in promising positions – just as in the next outnumbered match, when Blackwater had to sit down to check out Schumacher and Järveläinen and Cabana missed good chances. Davis, who ran third alone against the guests shortly before the end of that penalty and lifted the portion over the gate, was denied a sense of accomplishment.

In the last section, it was the tigers who were the first to be able to apply pressure. So Järveläinen immediately flagged the scent a few seconds later and checked Tiefensee with a powerful shot. Koloszari missed the match soon after after Cabana and Hohmann combined in the offensive third inning and Kretschmann, who fired the goal into the hole, did not put enough pressure on them. When Meyer had to go into the penalty area due to too many players, Williams followed soon after and took the opportunity for his niece to keep his boys in play. The experienced attacker did this again in this section. Koloszari defended his goalkeeper after a standoff in front of Bayreuth’s goal, when Heerden buried the board under his glove and Mapes chased down hard and with impunity. The short quarrel had no consequences, but not the subsequent confrontation, in which Koloszari hit his counterpart Till with a stick. After watching the video material, the judges rated the action as a stick stab and sent the Tigers captain to the locker room with a 5+ game penalty. Soon after the previously mentioned incident by Williams, who removed some of his team’s playing power with a penalty kick. The Tigers skilfully survived these situations and with a fight and also the downing of Tiefensee, two minutes before the last siren, Heilbronn’s guests didn’t attend anything else. The Tigers celebrated their deserved victory and beat Heilbronn and Kaufbourne in the table – after a solid defensive performance, including the third close of the herds – and thus finished sixth for the time being.

“I admire my team, which plays very smart with only 13 players and does not allow much. In the second third in particular, we were very good and did not allow much. Defenders work well, are disciplined and are strong in interventions. Coach Petri Koggala praised his boys after the match.

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Bayreuth Tiger vs. Heilbroner Falcon 2:0 (1:0, 1:0, 0:0)

  • Bayreuth: Hearden, Steinhauer, Niko Zimmermann-Gabriel, Stevenhofer, Messinger, Davis, Kabbana Hohmann (2), Ratman, Kolozvary (25), Yarvelainen, Kretschmann, Schumacher (2), Meyer (2), Bether (2)
  • Heilbronn: tifinci, Mnich-Krenzlin, Morrison, Verne, Machmeyer, Obo, Mapis-Williams (4), Blackwater (2), Della Rovere, Fabricius, Lampacher, Kirsch (2), Denham, Lauenschlager, Thiel, Volkmann, Heim
  • Zuschauer: 1.114
  • Schiedsrichter: Gossmann, Kapzan – Milling, six
  • Strafen: Bayreuth: 33 Heilbronn: 8 PP: Bayreuth: 0/3 Heilbronn: 0/5
  • Torfolge: 1: 0 (12.) Järveläinen (Meisinger, Hohmann), 2: 0 (24.) Järveläinen (Hohmann)