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The audio reference begins the High End 2024 fireworks show

The audio reference begins the High End 2024 fireworks show

HiFi, Home Cinema, Audio Reference April 17, 2024

The audio reference begins the High End 2024 fireworks show

Not only is Audio Reference celebrating its 25th anniversary, but it is also once again bringing many great audio products to the audiophile audience at this year's High End (May 9-12). (Source and images: audio reference)

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The audio reference is used as usual

Hallway 3, Room C112/D111.

Bassocontinuo: The finest HiFi racks and accessories from Italy

World Premiere: New luxury ride from VPI

Wilson Audio's popular WATT/PUPPY speakers are back!

World Premiere 1: Wilson Audio's popular WATT/PUPPY speaker returns!

One of the highlights of the trade show at Audio Reference will be the revival of the WATT/PUPPY two-part loudspeakers. The legendary bestseller on which much of the Wilson Audio brand's success is based. The manufacturer is also celebrating its 50th anniversary. You should not miss this.

World Premiere 2: The new Dan D'Agostino speaker series

There is also great news to discover from the Pope Dan D'Agostino loudspeaker: a completely new “mini” loudspeaker series, consisting of a built-in amplifier as well as a pre-amplifier and a power amplifier.

World Premiere 3: New luxury ride from VPI

We also memorize the finer details of the trade show. But you can take a look:

World Premiere 4: Velodyne Acoustics Mono Power Amplifier

Based on the subwoofer technology of the award-winning MiniVee Including the innovative measurement function and application of the innovative MiniVee

Cinemaniac: PERLISTEN THX superior cinema with Trinnov WaveForming technology

Last year, PERSLITN wowed people with a fantastic cinematic show. This year, professionals will go one better with THX Dominus-certified speakers. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience an unprecedented level of immersive sound, combining the intelligence of Trinnov's new WaveForming technology with a THX-certified Perlisten Dominus surround system consisting of a thrilling 11.1.6 channel system. To demonstrate Trinnov's waveforming technology, the system will include no fewer than 8 pieces of 15-inch Perlisten D15s active speakers. – This is going to be a roller coaster at the end, so to speak!

VTL introduces tube amplifiers

Tube fans will also get their money's worth in Audio Reference. VTL is represented in Munich by 450 models and a new generation of the best Siegfried loudspeakers.

dCS: The Complete Collection of Digital Specialists

Global technology leadership in the digital sector, that's what dCS represents. Naturally, the entire British product range can be discovered at this year's High End show. Including the Bartók, Vivaldi and Rossini model series with APEX, as well as the popular LINA series, which consists of network players, word clocks and headphone amplifiers.

< World Premiere 5: Meridian Elipse Broadcast Table Speakers

Digital leader Meridian also has an exciting new product in its luggage: a table speaker capable of network connectivity at high-quality standards. Naturally, premium DSP 9 digital active speakers and other premium Meridian features will also be on display.

Nordost cables and accessories

Anyone looking for the ultimate solutions for connecting cables and tuning audio components cannot ignore Nordost. You can discover, among other things, interconnect cables, LS cables, power strips, filters, the QNET network adapter and the professional VIDAR 2 cable burning system.

Bassocontinuo: The finest HiFi racks and accessories from Italy

With exclusive shelves developed according to scientific standards, high-end manufacturer Bassocontinuo shows in High End that good looks and efficient separation do not have to conflict with each other. The sleek sound rack design stands out from the crowd of traditional offerings, and is unique when it comes to processing technology.

Krell KSA-i400 Stereo Amplifier

The long development time was worth it: with the KSA-i400, Krell's great stereo power amplifier is back at the cutting edge. It was of course accompanied by a 400W Class A shooting star with Krell iBias™ technology in the best Krell tradition.

Learn about the positives

In addition to discovering many new products, visiting the audio reference provides the opportunity to learn information directly from the source. In addition to the entire AR team, several big names from the above-mentioned manufacturers are also on site.