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The audience marvels at the “Swiss snow leopard”

The audience marvels at the “Swiss snow leopard”

What a view…

Pop star Beatrice Egli (35) impresses not only on stage but also off it. To see? Was this present in the mountains?

For once, the successful singer wasn't hiking. Beatrice Egli enjoyed the sunshine on the mountain.

Of course not anyway. But it befits her status to wear eye-catching clothes. Egli appeared in a hot leopard dress.

She also wore a green hat, sunglasses, and snow boots.

“My happy place,” Beatrice Egli wrote under the photos taken by her brother, Marcel Egli.

“This is where I enjoy my free time the most. Soak up the sun, turn off. Breathe the fresh mountain air and recharge your batteries.”

It wasn't just the artist who seemed to enjoy the trip. Igli fans couldn't stop raving when they saw the musician.

Comments such as “Beautiful Swiss snow leopard in its beautiful territory” can be found.

Or: “The leopard suit is really eye-catching. But so is the green hat – Beatrice.”

Definitely a little balm for a musician's soul. Because lately there have been headwinds for Beatrice Egli.

It was not only the appearance that stunned the fans who were bitter about the artist's appearance. “Do they sing playback?” Comments found: “Helen doesn't need that any more than Beatrice Egli.”

Or: “It's a pity that German TV still works with playback so often.”