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The attackers face up to 10 years in prison.  Oliver Bucher files a complaint after being slapped.

The attackers face up to 10 years in prison. Oliver Bucher files a complaint after being slapped.

There was a scandal on Saturday night at Westfalenhaal in Dortmund. Internet comedian Fat Comedy approached Oliver Bucher – and punched him in the face out of nowhere. This has legal consequences.

Will Smith and Chris Rock slap scandal It’s not the only physical attack that has grabbed headlines in recent days.

On Saturday evening, Oliver Bucher attended the boxing match between Felix Sturm and Stefan Seely in Dortmund.

There is also banged next to the ring. Rapper and comedian Fat Comedy, whose real name is Omar, attacked Pocher without warning.

In a video posted by Fat Comedy herself, you can see how he approaches Pocher and slaps him in the face. Bucher is visibly shocked, but he can still get up and walk away. The photographer’s laughter can be heard throughout the video during the tasteless action.

Attack in retaliation for rapper Samra?

Fat Comedy posted the video to his Instagram account, which has since been suspended. There he wrote: “Because (…) you love to humiliate people, support people who claim that they have been raped, even if it is not true.”

It’s supposed to hint at the abuse scandal surrounding rapper Samra, who is a close friend of the chubby comedian.

A sexy model has accused the musician of raping her in 2021, and Samra has taken a lawsuit against the statement. Oliver Bucher addressed the incident in his podcast and criticized the entire German rap scene.

“It was a spontaneous event, I overreacted, but I stand by it and I don’t regret anything,” Fat Comedy continues to explain his attack after his account was banned “picture”. “He’s out of the situation. I don’t want to belittle it, but I didn’t shoot or kill anyone, I just slapped one. This is now taken completely wrong.”

There is a risk of up to ten years in prison

It remains to be seen if the police see it that way. As the newspaper further reported, Pocher has now filed a complaint against Fat Comedy through his attorney. And according to defense attorney Burkhard Behnken, that could have serious consequences for the attacker.

Beneke estimates that “infiltration under the pretext of filming a video can be classified as a malicious attack, and a violent blow to the head can also be classified as a life-threatening act.” Penalties range from six months to ten years.

“Even if I only suffered minor bodily harm, the criminal justice system here would take into account, with a massive increase in punishment, that Mr. Bucher was completely defenseless and because of the sudden situation.” The fact that the attack was specifically filmed with the explicit intent of releasing the video may add to the sentence: “The so-called happy smack He is rightly punished severely in Germany for the high level of humiliation of the victim.”

Meanwhile, Oliver Bucher also spoke. In a video statement on Instagram, the comedian spoke about the consequences of the slap: “I’ve spent the past few days going to the doctor. Because my ear was damaged and if I’m not lucky, I’m going to suffer irreparable damage. I have to get treatment and can’t hear frequency bands. specific”.

Bucher wants to “clarify this in court by all means”: “We will go to the maximum amount in all areas.” He wanted to donate the compensation granted to him. According to Bucher, the attack was not a “funny slap in the face”: “We are talking about a capital crime. We are talking about things that already have a lasting effect. Why? (…) The people who applaud for this now are complicit. “