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The association wants to take care of the small round church and the space in Al-Tanfort

The association wants to take care of the small round church and the space in Al-Tanfort

In the future the small rotunda church of more than 900 years in the Altenfurt district of Nuremberg and the associated area can be managed by a development association. At least that’s what the concept of the “Kapellenplatz Altenfurt” association, which officials presented on Thursday evening, envisions.

‘We really want to keep the place’

The city of Nuremberg is to acquire approximately 8000 square meters of the church foundation and then lease it to the Assembly. Together with the “Freunde der Rundkapelle Altenfurt” association, the churchyard and farmhouse will be renovated and designed, says Klaus Schmid, president of the “Kapellenplatz Altenfurt” association. “We definitely want to keep this place because it’s the only place in the community where festivals can take place,” Schmid continued.

The Round Church is no longer sold

The Round Church itself, whose planned sale in April 2021 caused great discontent among the residents, is still in church hands. Talks with private investors have stalled after much criticism of the plans. More than 400 people gathered in Al-Tanfort for a demonstration. Several politicians also campaigned for the church to preserve the chapel. According to Schmid, the visit of Eichstatt Bishop Gregor Hanke led to a breakthrough.

Lots of work for volunteers

Much remains to be done for the association “Kapellenplatz Altenfurt”, which was founded only in August 2021: for example, the city council will first have to approve the plans of the association. It’s not certain, but there are already good signs, according to officials. In addition, the palace must be renovated. Last year there was talk of costs around 1.7 million euros. Schmid now expects much less. A “six-digit average sum” is under discussion.

Fundraising campaign planned

The union explained that the difference was due to the fact that the previous possibility had a different use for the building. However, a precise cost analysis is still pending. In order to raise the money, the association “Kapellenplatz Altenfurt” is planning a fundraising campaign. The public will be informed of the project next Sunday (22/13/3) through a rally.