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The argument rages between Prince William and Duchess Kate

In public, Prince William, 39, and Duchess Kate, 40, always appear affectionate and calm. But as author Robert Jobson, 58, reveals in his new book “William at Forty: The Making of a Modern King” (German: “William at Forty: The Making of a Modern King”), he can also be quiet behind the scenes. Nice Fly Snippets.

According to “Mirror”, the royal expert reported in his book about “violent quarrels” between the spouses. William hears it loudly sometimes. He could scream a little if he lost his temper. “It’s fair to say that the Duke and Duchess give as much as they get when their differences lead to loud noises,” Jobson said. However, the two will reconcile quickly: “They know each other so well that it usually ends quickly – and in general it has a great calming effect on him.”