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The American rapper was shot dead while eating pancakes with his girlfriend in a restaurant

A friend posted a picture of where the two are eating

American rapper PnB Rock (30) shot while eating pancakes

American rapper PnB Rock was eating pancakes with his girlfriend at a restaurant in Los Angeles on Monday. A gunman approached him and shot the 30-year-old. The Instagram photo may have been fatal to the victim.


This Instagram photo is probably a killer for American rapper PnB Rock. His girlfriend posted it in the name of the restaurant they were eating at.

A bloody atrocity in Los Angeles: American rapper PnB Rock (30) is shot dead during a restaurant robbery. The media is speculating that an Instagram photo posted by his girlfriend from the restaurant in the south of the Californian capital was the reason for him.

The photo showed a plate full of waffles and fried chicken that had just been ordered – and gave the name of the restaurant where the couple dined around 2pm in the early afternoon: Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles.