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The A340-600 is back in service: Lufthansa is once again flying its longest Airbus aircraft

The A340-600 is back in service: Lufthansa is once again flying its longest Airbus aircraft

From Teruel via Malta to Germany: Lufthansa recalls its Airbus A340-600. The first of four ultra-long aircraft is already flying again – towards the United States.

Lufthansa already wanted to reactivate the first Airbus A340-600 in January or February. The aircraft, registered D-AIHT, flew in November 2021 from the long-term parking area in Teruel in Spain to Lucca in Malta, where Lufthansa Technik is located. on January 17 Then we went to Frankfurt.

But at Germany’s largest airport, the plane only completed a test flight on March 9 and resumed scheduled operations on March 11. Since then, the A340-600 has been flying between Frankfurt and Washington under flight number LH418 and LH419. It’s a happy event for many aviation enthusiasts, as the A340-600 is the longest-running Airbus aircraft in Germany’s fleet.

Another A340-600 is already in Munich

It is the first of five aircraft that Lufthansa wants to respond to to offer first class again in Munich. Planes The A380s, which also have the highest class of travel, have retired. All Boeing 747-8 aircraft are based in Frankfurt and The first Airbus A350 won’t arrive in first class until July 2023.

The revitalized A340-600 must start first Can be used from Frankfurt, then fly from Munich in the summer. One of the planes is already at the airport of the Bavarian capital. The aircraft carrying the registration D-AIHV flew from Teruel to Malta on January 17 and arrived in Munich on February 25.

Will Lufthansa move away from eight seats?

Airbus A340-600 with registration D-AIHI is currently in Malta, landing on February 28 from Teruel. The two machines with registration number D-AIHU and D-AIHP are still at the Spanish airport.

Lufthansa’s first class consists of eight seats. This is the case on the Boeing 747-8 and Airbus A340-600, as it was on the A380. The A350 seems to be against it Only one row of four first-class junior suites To be planned – but that’s not certain yet.

And more A340-600 aircraft?

the gate Aero It also reported that Lufthansa will reactivate three more A340-600s for a total of eight. However, a Lufthansa spokeswoman told Aero Telegraph in the late afternoon of Monday (March 14) that this was not true. We’re thinking and checking, but the details aren’t certain yet. Lufthansa is currently reactivating its sixth A340-600, but is sending the aircraft “straight to the parking lot in Germany”.