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That's why yesterday many websites around the world were offline at the same time

That’s why yesterday many websites around the world were offline at the same time

That’s why yesterday many websites around the world were offline at the same time

Various internet services and websites suffered outages on Thursday. The reason is now known.

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Several internet services were down on Thursday afternoon Serious disorder affected. Among other things, technology companies such as Google, Amazon And Microsoft as such Banks and airlines in the United States, Great Britain And Germany. On the “allestö” platform, users reported that, and among others failed. In the meantime, the pages can be accessed again.

In addition to news portals, the websites of Deutsche Post, payment channel Sky, ticket broker Eventim and the websites of Easyjet and Eurowings did not work smoothly. There he said, for example, “The data cannot be loaded at the moment” or “The website cannot be reached”.

This is the cause of the huge disturbance

The fault lies with the American company Akamai, one of the world’s largest providers of Internet acceleration services. Akamai reported a problem with the Edge DNS service.

above Twitter Akamai said they have implemented a solution to the problem in the system. Akamai believes that the service that caused the outage is now back to normal. They will continue to monitor the situation and ensure that the impacts are fully addressed. The company said the hacker attack was certainly not responsible for the failure.

Among other things, the following were affected by the turmoil that occurred around the world:

  • British Airways
  • Delta Airlines
  • DHL
  • easyJet
  • Euro Wings
  • Hdtam
  • concentration
  • Groupon
  • HBO
  • HSBC
  • ideal
  • Netflix
  • sky
  • UBS

A similar problem in early June in the United States

In fact, he had a failure of the same magnitude a few weeks ago in United States of America Given. At the beginning of June, the New York Times, BBC, Twitch, Reddit and many other major web services were suddenly no longer accessible.

As it quickly turns out, the problem here is also with a content delivery network like Akamai: in Fastly, a configuration error had ensured that the above-mentioned clients’ internet traffic was not accelerated, but failed instead. Also in this case, the issue was resolved fairly quickly and access to the affected websites was restored.

The service provider guarantees really fast access

Exhibition delivery services are service providers that ensure that websites with a particularly large number of visitors are accessed as quickly and smoothly as possible. Simply put, they operate a network within the Internet with many nodes spread all over the world.

For example, frequently accessed website content is stored again. Doesn’t have to be a servant data All over the world, but many small intermediary nodes, which are closest to the respective users, can also send this content. On the one hand, the load is distributed over many nodes and at the same time delivery is accelerated.

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