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That's why the jury didn't believe a word she said

That’s why the jury didn’t believe a word she said

Johnny Depp has won a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. A jury reveals the reason why the actor ruled in his favour.

The basics in brief

  • In Deep Heard’s trial, the jury ruled in favor of Johnny.
  • why? A jury member has now revealed this.
  • Accordingly, Amber’s facial expressions in particular must have been an issue.

This court case is likely to be in the headlines for a long time to come!

Amber Heard (36) and Johnny Depp (59) Delivered in the past few weeks General Mud Battle. But for the latter, the libel suit was worthwhile.

Because the jury She largely decided in favor of the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean”. But why actually? Jury dump!

“Crying, the look on her face, staring at the jury. We all felt very uncomfortable,” he told Good Morning America.

She answered a question and cried, and two seconds later she froze. Some of us have used the expression “crocodile tears”.

The anonymous source explains that Depp seemed calm on the other hand, which gave him the credibility of his statements. “His emotional state has been very stable the whole time.”

A decisive moment In the negotiations, however, it was when Donates– Cheating was revealed by Amber Heard. “It was a complete failure,” the juror recalls.

Did you follow Deep Heard’s trial?

In the end, the majority of the jurors thought Heard was most likely the aggressor. In any case, their claims and statements simply lack evidence.

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