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That’s why it suddenly gets warm at Christmas

Up to 13 degrees are possible!

Polar Vortex brings us lightning this Christmas

There is still snow in many places in the lowlands. But that changes this week. Before Christmas Eve, the snow melts, and with it the hope for a white Christmas. Meteorologist Michael Eichmann explains why the temperature is rising again.


A lot of snow falls in Switzerland in early December.


Marian NadlerEditor’s news

The cold air in the Arctic caused freezing temperatures and snow in December. In some cases, the thermometer in Switzerland has dropped below minus 25 degrees. But only at Christmas it gets warmer again.

“If temperatures in the first half of December are cooler than average, they will be warmer than average until Christmas and possibly beyond,” Meteo News’ Michael Eichmann tells Blick. It is supposed to be especially mild on Christmas Eve. Up to 13 degrees are possible. This means that hope for a white Christmas is melting away.

“No snow is expected below 1,500 metres,” the meteorologist said. It can only snow if it doesn’t get too hot. Because dark clouds are gathering. During the holidays, it will rain heavily in many places.

First it was split, now it’s stable

The reason for the crazy fluctuation in temperature is the polar vortex. This is a powerful atmospheric band that rotates from west to east at an altitude of 20 to 50 kilometers. The polar vortex can have a severe impact on the weather. In November it still split and caused a sudden onset of winter with lower temperatures at the beginning of December.

But now the polar vortex has settled again. The reason: The polar jet, a strong westerly wind, keeps the vortex in check. The cold air remains in the vortex and does not reach us. The result: it’s getting warmer.

Weather expert Blick: “The stronger the winds, the higher the temperatures. Because this leads to a good mixing of relatively temperate air masses at high altitudes.” This phenomenon also continues during Christmas. According to Eichmann, we can expect a warm New Year’s Eve.

But we don’t have to do without a white Christmas in Switzerland. But you have to look for housing at higher altitudes. The snow line does not fall below 2,000 meters between Thursday and Saturday.

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