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That's why influencers must also make money

That's why influencers must also make money

Influencer Anja Zidler makes good money on Instagram. And now you say that's a good thing.

Anya Zeidler is a mother of two children. – Instagram/anjazeidler

The basics in a nutshell

  • Anja Zeidler is a successful businesswoman from Lucerne.
  • One of the ways she earns money is through her Instagram page.

She's been doing this for years. Successful and with a well-stocked bank account.

Now vegan influencer and mother-of-two Anja Zeidler, 30, is campaigning for influencer pay.

“The concept of influencers is related to the type of work. “It's also what our generation hammered into their heads in school,” Zeidler says.

With this post, Anja Zeidler advocates paying influencers money for their online work. – Instagram/anjazeidler

The 30-year-old continued on her Instagram channel (152,000 followers): “You also pay on TV (…) and even in the Carnival newspaper if you want to place an advertisement.”

Anja Zeidler advocates for influencers and their rewards

“So it makes sense that the cost of advertising would also be on an online platform (…).”

Then Anja Zeidler gets into the time factor. And the manpower that may sometimes be necessary to satisfy its customers.

Opinion poll

Do you also make money through social media?

No, it's too complicated for me.


“You can quickly find yourself sitting on one reel for an entire workday or more,” she reveals. “This post, for example, cost me nearly six hours of (unpaid) work.”

The woman from Lucerne then asks: “If influencers were creating content for free, would that be fair?”

According to Zeidler, certainly not. “This is why influencer marketing costs money.”

In fact, Zidler has a lot to do with her health. The woman from Lucerne had a desmoid tumor under her breast surgically removed last year. He's back now.

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Instagram / @anjazeidler – Anja Zeidler is annoyed by a rude fan.

Desmoid tumor is a benign type of tumor because it does not spread. But it grows and eats up the tissue around it, like a malignant tumor. This can pose a danger to the organs and muscles.

The mother of two does not want to have any further surgery at the moment and also wants to wait for radiotherapy.

Anya Zeidler decided to work with a naturopath to correct “any imbalance.”

She revealed on Instagram that she also relies on a “positive mindset.”

The 30-year-old also completely changed her diet. She wants to fight the tumor with a sugar-free diet, celery juice, medicinal mushroom extracts, and grape seed powder.

But she still doesn't want to completely give up conventional medicine: the mother of two continues to undergo ultrasound and MRI examinations to monitor the tumor.