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That's why I shivered in front of the queen's coffin

That’s why I shivered in front of the queen’s coffin

Meghan Markle attended the Queen’s funeral at Westminster Hall yesterday. The 41-year-old looked unusually nervous.


The basics in brief

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the Queen’s funeral yesterday.
  • Meghan bent down in front of the Queen’s coffin, looking very nervous.
  • An expert explains the shaky look of the 41-year-old.

All eyes were on London yesterday afternoon. leave here Queen Elizabeth (96) Buckingham Palace for the last time. The coffin of the dead queen was brought to Westminster Hall in a funeral procession.

Also present at the service: Meghan Markle (41 years old), wife Prince Harry (38). She followed her brother-in-law Prince William (40) and Kate, Princess of Wales (40) behind her.

Like Kate, the former actress bows before the Queen’s coffin. The 41-year-olds have self-confidence Significantly nervous.

RTLAs noted by royal expert Michael Pegas. “She just wiggled completely in her shoes. It wouldn’t have happened to her otherwise.” Meghan Markle knows: If she makes a mistake here, no one will ever forgive her!

Do you think it’s okay for Harry and Meghan to attend the Queen’s service?

Meghan Markle and Harry ‘give each other strength’

Perhaps this was also the reason for the Duchess and Harry hand by hand.

Expert: “They give each other. You also need to give strength to each other. Harry because he wants to support Meghan, it’s still a challenge for her.”

The traditional royal procedure It’s still “a book with seven seals” for Americans. “She knows: I could make more mistakes than here,” Begas explains.

Meghan, in turn, gives Harry strength during these difficult hours.

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