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That's why he doesn't perform with Christina anymore!

That’s why he doesn’t perform with Christina anymore!

Luca Hänni and Christina Luft will never be on stage “Let’s Dance” together again. Luft explains why on Instagram.


The basics in brief

  • Luca Hänni and Christina’s fans must be pretty strong now.
  • The two will not dance together on stage anymore.
  • On Instagram, Luft explains what’s behind it.

In the summer of 2020, Luca Hani (27) and Dancer Christina Luft (32) You know and love “Let’s Dance”.

To the delight of fans, the pair swung back towards the end of 2021 “Let’s Dance” Tour hips; Anyone hoping for a renewed return to parquet will be disappointed.

on me Instagram Christina reveals that fans want nothing more than to see the two on tour this year. But nothing will come of that: “There will be no more rounds with Luca,” she explains.

are you good in dancing?

Oops! Dark clouds move across the sky of love. No, explain beautyHänni’s absence has another reason. “Unfortunately, some people don’t know the concept, which is: All celebrities only get involved once, just like on a TV show.”

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