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Thanks to the happy Brits Queen

BObserver United Kingdom Are pushed back and forth between conflicting opinions. First they witnessed a four-day public feast for the Queen, where the Brits showed themselves from their best side: energetic, polite, imaginative, self-respecting and above all united. As soon as the “Platinum Jubilee” was over, the burning political struggle brought the other side of the nation to the fore. The ongoing controversy over the controversial Prime Minister reflects anger, bitterness, self-doubt and internal turmoil.

Helps to combine short and long perspectives to bring the two perspectives together. Brexit, under the age of six, has undoubtedly poisoned the mood of the country. Although there was no discussion about changing the decision, the contradiction did not disappear. He has changed. Those who think the country is going the wrong way turn their frustration or anger Boris Johnson Celebration. They see Brexit as an irresponsible gamble that manifests itself in the Prime Minister, his behavior and his political course.