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Tesla’s special robot hub, the robotic robot 2023>

Many observers expected new information from the “Cyber ​​Rodeo” at the start of the new Tesla Gigafactory in Texas about the Model Y produced there with a battery made of 4,680 batteries or about the Cybertruck, which partly gave the event its name. At least in CEO Elon Musk’s speech Thursday night, none of these things happened – he just confirmed it The Texas Model Y has a 4680 . chassis battery And that from 2023 the Cybertruck will also be built there. But Musk had other product news: The Optimus robot would be in production early next year. The CEO announced another electric car.

Tesla’s robotic taxi ‘very futuristic’

The Tesla chief first spoke about robotaxis in the spring of 2019, when he introduced the in-house developed computer FSD, which aims to enable autonomous driving using appropriate AI software. at first yes By the end of 2020, Tesla is supposed to add 1 million electric cars ability. At the Cyber ​​Rodeo in Texas, Musk has now said that at least beta testing of the autopilot program, also called the FSD, will be extended to all of North America this year.

He also announced that Tesla would build a “private robot,” i.e. an electric vehicle that could no longer be controlled by humans. Here’s new information: The Cybertruck, Semi, and Roadster models Tesla introduced of the future are still equipped with a fairly classic driver’s seat, even if it’s The process has already been reduced even further with the new S and X models has become. The Tesla Robotaxi should be very different: Musk said it would look “completely futuristic.”

However, he did not show the first draft of robotics in the narrow sense and did not reveal anything else about them, that is, there is no date for presentation or even the start of production. This is what he gave to humans instead The robot he first mentioned at Tesla’s AI Day last August Will be. Musk said at the time that Tesla is much more than just a car company, and it also wants to use artificial intelligence for the real world, which is necessary for a purely camera-based FSD system anyway. Added to this is their own expertise in sensors and batteries.

The Optimus robot is scheduled to go into production in 2023

Sometime this year, Musk wanted to present a prototype of a Tesla robot. It wasn’t far off at Cyber ​​Rodeo on Thursday in Texas, but the CEO set a target date for production of the robot, which has now been dubbed Optimus: “I think we have a chance that version 1 will be in production,” Musk said with his usual caution in such announcements. Next year, however, he wasn’t conservative about the importance of this product expansion: the Tesla boss explained that Optimus would herald an “age of plenty” and transform the world even more than “cars” (most likely from Tesla).