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Teslas should be replaced by the Basel Police

Teslas should be replaced by the Basel Police

Since 2019, there have been seven Teslas in the Basel Cantonal Police’s on-call fleet. At the time, the purchase made national news because no major police organization in Switzerland had used electric cars before.

A successor is already being sought for this purpose. This was reported by the “SRF Regional Journal”.

The purchase of a total of seven Model X 100D Series emergency vehicles was controversial: the Audit Committee of the Great Council subsequently assessed them as illegal. Since the DOJ could not find a suitable replacement with an electric motor at the time, it skipped the tender process that was actually required.

After only six years on the streets of Rhine-City, they will now be replaced again. The police talk about the “high loads” that daily policing of electric vehicles requires. You are very satisfied with them.

“As of today, after four years of use, the vehicles have already covered 100,000 km. Without engine and battery repairs, which is quite impressive compared to normal combustion engines.” A Buzz spokesperson said.

Cars are in constant use. So it’s only natural that it reaches the end of its useful life more quickly: “In the case of vehicles, this is mainly measured in kilometers traveled, not years.”

According to the report, the police want to test nine different cars as successors. All of them are either electric or hybrid cars. Brands represented include Audi, Mercedes, Ford, Toyota, Subaru, and Kia.

Authorities recently tested a plug-in hybrid Ford Explorer for a week, which has attracted attention in the city because of its Zurich license plate.