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Tesla’s navigation system allows access to intermediate destinations with a new version of the program >

In December 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk left the club, who requested a new job for the navigation system on Twitter, but is still completely evasive: “No,” his short answer to the question of whether it is also possible to enter the provision of intermediate targets . Many customers still wanted that extra, and in September after that, Musk looked subdued. He answered another question afterwards on Twitter: “Well, we already did.” That was over a year ago now – but with the software update, Tesla is now really starting to do the desired functionality.

93.7% wanted average targets at Tesla

reported on Thursday, among other things die Website is not a Tesla app, where you can always find the latest information about the Tesla software. Accordingly, intermediate destinations known as waypoints in English are part of version 2021.40.5, which began distribution on the same day – although it appears to be slow at the moment. Tesla calls the function “Add Stop”. So you can no longer just enter one destination in the navigation menu, but multiple destinations to which you are then directed one by one.

The most important application of this navigation add-on will be the pre-input of charging stops for a longer trip – in Tesla at least this is not necessary when using the company’s supercharger, because they are automatically included in the planning if necessary. In addition, there are many individual ideas for it. Anyway, in a survey conducted by a French Tesla driver last September, 93.7% of Twitter users insisted on waypoints in navigation.

In fact, the topic seems to take on a kind of life of its own — and it showed just how indulgent Tesla and Musk can count on from its many fans, at least when it comes to relatively small things. After the CEO promised interim targets in September 2020, nothing happened for long. In June 2021, he stood on stage in Fremont Delivery of the first 25 pieces of the Model S. to moderate. “Waypoints!” Musk chanted. From the invited audience, and after reassuring the audience who had already asked them, he again agreed to take care of this. This reaction was repeated in a similar way to Tesla coach at a festival in October Speak on the German Gigafactory website.

The new navigation function is coming slowly

Customer demand has always been clear and with Tesla’s 2021.40.5 program, it now looks like it’s finally done. One drawback was that the distribution of this version did not get off to a good start. The Tesla app also did not initially classify the intermediate destination function as regional, i.e. not for all countries, and it appears that it initially only reached the updated versions of the Model S and Model X. The program expert @greentheonly was on Twitter After all, pretty much sureIt is for all models. Intermediate goals will probably come – but it looks like some Tesla owners will have to wait a little longer for them.