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Tesla's James May is broken and he's so upset

Tesla’s James May is broken and he’s so upset

James May: “To be honest, I’m really mad, Elon Musk!”

Who would have thought: if a Tesla Model S has been idle for a long time, it might not be able to move a counter even though the battery is fully charged.

James May likes it Tesla Model S. enthusiastically evidently went to many the driver-Vlogs it. Recently, there was also a video titled 6 Things You May Not Love About a Tesla, But, as he himself admits, these were actually irrelevant things like the tailgate closing sound or the fact that the car is currently dirty. But here is just what is just a conceptual flaw:

What happens if you haven’t used your Tesla for several months – due to lockdown, for example? Answer: Nothing works anymore. You can’t even get into Göppel anymore.

As May explains in the video, his Tesla car has two batteries: the massive main battery for the long range electronic drive and then the conventional 12-volt car battery for all electrical systems – computer, trunk lock, etc. And the last battery is now empty, which sometimes means in Tesla’s all-electronic case that the door panels do not open, so the thing remains closed to the owner.

But how can a Tesla car’s battery be empty when the car is plugged in all the time, as in the case of James May? Well, the main battery is clearly providing power to the 12 volt battery. Once the large battery is fully charged, the charging process stops – thus the 12-volt battery no longer receives any power and discharges, as it would in conventional cars if it is not used for a long time. So you have to bridge the futuristic Tesla supercar … like a classic car. laughing loudly.

But stop! Where is the battery?

In the front trunk – in frunk -, … which, as I said, cannot be opened.

After a few annoying phone calls to Tesla you later find out: There’s an emergency release for the front trunk – in two wheel arches. To do this, you have to bend the outer plastic liner a little to get to it. Annoying and tough. But okay: the box will now be open.

And the battery is nowhere to be seen.

This is because you must first remove several plastic panels. Once the battery is found, it is connected in such a way that it is difficult to reach the poles. So:

A reminder: James May is more of the ordinary type (unlike Jeremy “The Orangutan” Clarkson is quick-tempered), who is not easily disturbed by technical problems. But sometimes the old man is angry. Like all good guys.

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