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Tesla truck loads huge chargers and delivers to Nevada >

You can no longer book a Tesla Semi in Germany. Anyone interested in the e-semitrailer trailer introduced in 2017, will not find it either in the main menu of the German website or in the smaller menu on the side. It can still be seen in the US version, but whoever clicks “Book Now” will be automatically sent to the German homepage. However, the program appears to be making progress, because this week the Tesla Semi was first observed charging at a new massive charging station. But CEO Elon Musk dampened hopes of starting production early.

Tesla Half Loads Delivered in Nevada

In mid-October, construction work was observed at the Tesla Gigafactory site with Panasonic in the US state of Nevada, and it can already be seen that the so-called supercharger was built there Half megawatt charging station. Surprisingly, the president of PepsiCo confirmed this a little later, before the end of the year Expect delivery of the first 100 trucks ordered from Tesla. It was astonishing when Musk, the chief executive, said at a public meeting in October that series production from the Peninsula would not begin until 2023.

The solution may be that Tesla provided some copies of its electric semi-trailer to its main customer Pepsi at an early stage so that it could gain experience and provide feedback. One A small line for this will be built near the Gigafactory in Nevada before actual production begins at the new plant in Texas. In fact, Tesla sometimes uses the same semi-prototypes. And this week, someone was noticed when a new mega charger was drawing electricity and in a delivery traffic in front of the battery factory.

According to observers, the white Tesla Semi on the Megacharger in Nevada has different characteristics than those seen so far. Twitter user @hwfeinstein came across him on Monday and posted some photos of him. Also on Monday, it was noted by a drone that the same likeness was likely standing on the long side of the Gigafactory Nevada loading or unloading. Electrek blog also mentioned, on the same day, the president of Pepsi was a guest at this Tesla factory.

Musk: Lack of chips and batteries is slowing you down

Tesla itself can already drive and charge trailers regularly, and PepsiCo may soon have the opportunity to do so. However, CEO Musk clarified last weekend that this should not be understood as the start of production for the upcoming series. One should not read too much into Pepsi reports, Explanation of a post About it on Twitter (which at least wasn’t a denial). Moreover, Tesla will lack chips in the short term and sufficient battery cells in the long term, so that new electronic cars cannot be mass-produced at the moment.